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Did you know that out-of-home advertising is the second-fastest growing ad channel in the Armenia (after only the internet)? There are now hundreds of different outdoor formats, from 6x3 billboards to city formats and projection ads on sides of buildings to street teams rolling on Segways. We track them all.

The benefit to you: Effective use of outdoor advertising to truly make impressions that drive results. Our tough negotiators typically give you 10-40% more exposure vs. published rates from major out-of-home companies.


  • Mapping of outdoor locations

  • Research into all formats in your area

  • Media plan scenarios showing weekly activity, and strategic recommendations on market pulsing, rotation, creative scheduling, and alternative

  • Recommended integration into other media formats

  • Tough negotiations designed to provide more outdoor exposure within your budget

  • Trafficking of all mechanicals

  • If needed, print production and delivery of creative materials to outdoor vendors

  • Photographs of your actual outdoor campaign in action

  • Post-buy reports