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In a rapidly changing media marketplace making the most of a given marketing budget is as much about finding the most efficient communication channels and the most relevant message as it is about hard negotiation.

Our media buying team understands the increasingly fragmented market and the need to tailor the message and the campaign to reach the correct audience in the most targeted way possible.

Why buy with us: TV

We're experts in designing broadcast schedules that reach more of your target audience, in the networks, programs, and dayparts most likely to be seen and remembered.

The benefit to you: TV buys that reach your exact audience, removing 10-40% waste, and maximizing impressions, recall and response.


  • Audience research including GFK ratings

  • Competitor spending research

  • Prioritization of networks, shows, and dayparts most likely to reach your audience at the lowest cost, in a target-rich environment

  • Detailed media plan scenarios that give you options, with supporting rationale, for your media buy

  • CPM forecasts

  • GRP forecasts

  • Media spill analysis (the percentage of your ad budget wasted by not hitting the target geography)

  • Demographic efficiency analysis (the percentage of your ad budget wasted by not hitting target prospect customers)

  • Recommendations for reducing media spill

  • Forecasts for total impressions effectively within your target

  • Media plan charts for your approval

  • Media negotiations